Cyberpunk Techno-Thriller

What if reality isn't real?

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About the Book

The ARvekt is in you. In your brain. Wetware, grown in from birth.
You are connected. To everything. All the time. To the Augmented Reality that surrounds you. Life is a sonic, tactile and visual wonder. Better than the real ever could be.

But what if reality isn’t real?

Ix is your Guardian AI. It protects you. Keeps you safe.
From war. From illness. From rogue AIs.
It has saved us so many times. Ix, Guardian AI, saviour of humanity.

But what if its protection is really betrayal?

Section-R. Shadow agency. Wage an underground war against brain hackers. Use temporal instances of Augmented Reality to infiltrate and rescue victims like you. The hackers want your mind. Your data. Your secrets.

But what if the public knew about the hackers?

Tannis Ord. Section-R Agent. Infiltration and extraction specialist.
A psychotic event left her partner dead. Dead by her own hands. Traumatised, her mind was in tatters. Now it has been repaired. She’s ready to return back to duty.

But what if she isn’t ready? What if her mind isn’t repaired? What if the psychosis has returned?

So when Tannis investigates a mind hack like no other, it leads her to question everything. About Ix. About Section-R. About herself.

If reality isn’t real, is it illusion? Or her own delusion?

Series: Instant Reality, Book 1
Genre: Cyberpunk
Tag: Available Now
Length: 318
ISBN: 9781838054304
eBook Price: 4.99
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