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Series: The Acid Suite, Book 1
Genres: Adventure, Science fiction
Publisher: Craig Lea Gordon
Publication Year: May 2016
Length: Short Story

Her death was just the start of her journey.

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About the Book

One last chance to save humanity.

In seven hours and twenty minutes Grace Jordan will be dead. Will she have abandoned her family in vain, or is this the start of a new odyssey and her chance to save us all?

Transmit is a short story that explores our fate. If you like journeys into the unknown, the you’ll love this vision of a possible future.

Reader feedback

Short and sweet. Interesting concept, haven’t read anything quite like that before. Very bittersweet (like life, I like it).

Brilliant. Very imaginative but very believable.

Great plot, very original.

The ending was great. I liked the character enough by this point to be engaged with her emotions, and the enormity of events.

The main character is great. I think she is very sympathetic, and understandable.

Craig Lea Gordon - Transmit