Frequently Asked Questions


eBooks are for your use only and are available for all reading devices.

How do I get my eBook?

When you complete your order, you will receive two sets of emails:

  • Your order confirmation
  • An email from BookFunnel

Your order confirmation
Your order confirmation will contain details of everything that you’ve ordered from me. Please keep this for your own records.

An email from BookFunnel
You will also receive an email from BookFunnel, which is a service I use to help to seamlessly deliver your books to you via email. From there, they are only a click away from getting them onto any reading device that you want.

What if I have problems getting my book?

If you have any problems at all, they provide full technical support to make sure you can get your book.

What happens if I order multiple books?

You will get an email for each book that you download, allowing you to easily see and download each book individually.

How long do I get to download the book from BookFunnel after I buy it?

You get 14 days to download the book.

What if something happens or I forget to download it?

No problem, just email me using the contact form here and I will get the book to you.

What price will I pay when I buy?

All prices are in US Dollars. If you aren’t sure how much you will be charged, please check the current exchange rates for your country as a guide.