Progress update: August 2017

Progress update: August 2017

Progress update: August 2017


Since finishing the first draft I’ve now read through Superstruct on my Kindle, trying to keep my reader hat on as much as possible and turn off my writer brain. Then I made a checklist of things that I need to do, the first of which was to write a reverse outline, where I write down everything that I can remember happening in the book. I’ve now finished this and have about 15 pages of hand written notes in my terrible hand writing. This has really helped in identifying major issues with the story. And starting this week I’m going to address them, beginning with the biggest plot points and gradually working my way down to the smallest.

The Machine

This short story is coming along nicely. I’ve got feedback from my editor and went through that on Monday lunch time at work, with a bit more left to do. Most of it was addressing specific issues throughout the story, and fixing each problem. But there was also an overarching change that Harry discussed with me. I’ve twisted this around a bit. So instead of being a dark story about the lengths people go to to get what they want, it’s really really dark. I think you’ll love it.

Theatre of Death

This is finished and will be the next thing you get to read. I need to get to work on the cover this month.


So that’s my plan of attack. Continue editing Superstruct, finish the next draft on The Machine and do the cover for Theatre of Death.

Cheers, Craig.

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