Progress update: February 2018

Progress update: February 2018


The editing on Superstruct is going really well. I’ve now sorted out all the big picture stuff and fixed up the major plot points. I’m now onto line editing and systematically tackling it page by page. There’s still a long way to go, but I feel like the end is at least visible, albeit a tiny dot on the horizon.

The Machine & Bad Hands

I’ve received back the final draft from my copy editor Laurie now, so these need to be checked over and then they’re ready to get sent off for proof reading. I’ve also started working on the cover design of The Machine ahead of its release on Patreon in March.

Hyperstarr: Instant Reality Prequel Two

I’ve now finished the first draft of Hyperstarr. I’ll remove this from the monthly updates from here, because I’ll not be editing it until Superstruct is finished.

untitled short

And now that Hyperstarr is finished, I’ve started a brand new short story. This one explores a future where the surveillance state has been taken to extremes and how it has affected society.
I’ve got a thousand words or so nailed down so far, and I reckon it’ll come in at about 4K when the first draft is complete.


So my plan for February is to get The Machine ready for release on Patreon. That means getting it proof-read, finishing the cover, formatting the book and then writing up The Story of The Machine. It’ll be on Patreon in March, with a release to Amazon in May.

Cheers, Craig.

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