1st draft of Superstruct completed & Progress update: July 2017

1st draft of Superstruct completed & Progress update: July 2017

1st draft of Superstruct completed & Progress update: July 2017

It feels amazing to finally be able to say it! The first draft of Superstruct is now complete! It’s a monumental occasion for me, and hopefully the next step towards making this my full-time occupation.

It has been a very long road. Much longer than I originally anticipated, that’s for sure. I wrote for the very first time on the 28th of November 2014, after working on the outline for around 7 months before that. And after my biggest ever week of writing, where I managed to cram in over 8,000 words, I finally got to type ‘The End’. And it’s huge. 177,376 words huge! That’s about 720 pages according to Amazon.

There’s a lot of reasons why it took so long, part of which was deciding to publish Hypercage first. So you’ll finally get to find out how that fits into the overall picture. There’s some clues there, but I guarantee it won’t be what you’re expecting!

It’ll be a good many months before Superstruct is out, but I hope some of you will join me in helping to make it shine by being beta readers. And/or, receiving a free advanced review copy in return for a review.

I’ll be in touch again when it’s nearer the time, but hopefully you’re wondering what Superstruct is all about.

Transmit and Hypercage

What I’ve tried to do with Superstruct is take some of my favourite aspects of Transmit and Hypercage, and mash them together for this new story.

From Transmit, the way in which I slowly reveal what it’s really about and the strong but vulnerable heroine.

And from Hypercage, the essence of a tortured soul and the view of how technology shapes our lives, and the setup of some of the technology for the rest of the series.

But for now, I’d like to leave you with the initial draft of the blurb for Superstruct.

Superstruct – Instant Reality Book One (Draft Blurb)

Your brain has been hacked. You just don’t know it.

In a distant future where humanity is nurtured by an artificial intelligence, its latest cryptographic routines have made hacking impossible. So criminals have turned to the next logical entry point, the human mind. Plundering your consciousness of its most lucrative secrets.

In a bid to keep this horrific development hidden, a world-government shadow agency uses temporal instances of reality to find and catch these barbaric brain butchers.

Tannis Ord is an agent for Section-X, responsible for intercepting the brain-hacks, rescuing the victims and eliminating these mind-vandals.

But when Tannis starts investigating a failed hacking attempt like no other, it sets her on a path that will unravel her own reality and decide the future of humanity.

Superstruct is the first novel set in Craig Lea Gordon’s Instant Reality Series, a Cyberpunk Techno-Thriller. If you like non-stop action, a world built upon real-life future technologies, mysteries that get deeper with every turn of the page, and characters with deeply personal stakes on the line, then you’ll love this first entry in the Instant Reality Series.

First draft stage

  • Superstruct – Instant Reality Book One: 166,442 – 100% complete (+10,934 from last month)
  • Hyperstarr – Instant Reality Prequel Two: 26,129 words – 99% complete (+1,000 from last month)

I am now reading through the entirety of Superstruct for the first time.
And I’m still writing Hyperstarr and its very close to being finished.

Second draft stage

  • Hypervayne – Instant Reality Prequel Three: 34,725 words – 0% complete

Hypervayne is the third part of my Instant Reality set of prequel novellas. I’ve completed the first draft but won’t start editing it until Superstruct and Hyperstarr are complete.

Developmental editing

  • The Machine – Sci-fi: 3,644 words
  • Bad Hands – Cyberpunk: 3,162 words
  • Seat 14C – Sci-fi: 3,721 words

The Machine has now been reviewed by Harry. I’ve got some small changes to make to the story itself and I need to review the comments and redraft.
I’m still waiting for feedback on Bad Hands.
And Seat 14C needs a lot more attention before it’s ready for a first draft. It won’t be ready for the XPRIZE competition and will need to take a very dark path to work properly.


  • Sequel to Transmit

I’ve started to outline the sequel to Transmit. I’ve got a lot of ideas, so I’m going to see where the outline takes me.

Cover design

Theatre of Death has now been proof-read by Abbie from Duckman Proof Reading and is ready to go. I now need to start work on the cover.

That’s all for July.

Cheers, Craig.

Craig Lea Gordon - Transmit

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