Progress update: May 2017

Progress update: May 2017

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Progress update: May 2017

First draft stage

  • Superstruct – Instant Reality Book One: 152,470 – 93% complete (+16,882 from last month)
  • Hyperstarr – Instant Reality Prequel Two: 24,104 words – 92% complete (+1,282 from last month)

These are the two pieces that I’m actively writing on a daily basis at the moment.

Superstruct will be the first novel released in my Instant Reality series.

Hyperstarr is the 2nd prequel novella for my Instant Reality series.

By the time I finish the whole series, the current plan is to have three full length books and three novellas. The full length books will explore the main arc of the story, with the prequels filling in what has happened with some of the characters immediately before the start of Superstruct. There may be other stories exploring even further back in the timeline, but we’ll see.

Second draft stage

  • Hypervayne – Instant Reality Prequel Three: 34,725 words – 0% complete

Hypervayne is the third part of my Instant Reality set of prequel novellas. I’ve completed the first draft but won’t start editing it until Superstruct and Hyperstarr are complete.

Developmental editing

I’ve had a Skype consultation with my developmental editor, Harry, and fortunately both stories only need slight tweaks so far.

  • The Machine – Sci-fi: 3,385 words
  • Bad Hands – Cyberpunk: 2,989 words

Copy editing

  • Theatre of Death, – Dystopian: 3,527 words

And the final story I’m working on is the Theatre of Death, a Dystopian short story exploring humanity’s fate in the future.
This is now with my copy editor, Laurie. Waiting to hear back now how it is holding up.

That’s all for May.

Cheers, Craig.

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