Sci-fi TV shows of my youth

Sci-fi TV shows of my youth

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Following a mention of Buck Rogers on Twitter this week, I got to thinking about all the sci-fi TV shows that I loved as a kid. Thinking back, I’m quite surprised at how much of it I watched whilst growing up. Here’s a list of the ones that have left a lasting impression:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

I used to watch the old Buster Crabbe versions, but for me, they had nothing on this. With its stark white interiors, ships, uniforms, helmets, computers, you name it, pretty much everything was white. Apart from Twiki. Bee-dee, bee-dee, bee-dee…


Fireball XL5

I remember my parents and uncles being highly amused by the fact that I watched this.


Battle of the Planets

I was devastated when this was displaced from Saturday mornings by Metal Mickey. That crap plastic robot with the stupid hair has got a lot to answer for.




5… Dunn!

4… Dunn!

3… Dunn!

2… Dunn!


Thunderbirds was awesome.


Captain Scarlet

More top notch action from Gerry Anderson, the man could do no wrong.



See, I told you he could do no wrong. This time with Windsor Davies as the Major of an army of little spherical robot soldiers, versus scabby old evil witch puppet thing Zelda and her army of cubes.


Ulysses 31

Yoooooo, leeeee, seeee, eee, eee, eee, eessss, no-one else can do the things you do!


The Invaders

Alien invaders that conveniently disintegrate upon death, leaving no physical trace at all of their presence. I bet that really got on Mr. Vincent’s tits after a while. It certainly used to get on mine, and I was 13. Still, it was essential viewing at my nanas every Sunday morning.


Lost in Space

Another Sunday morning regular round my nanas. If only the episodes had lasted forever, then I wouldn’t have had to suffer through Little House on the Prairie.


Battlestar Galactica

The pilot movie was the first thing ever recorded on my parents brand new Ferguson Videostar. After that, there was no going back. Even to this day I yearn for a Daggit.



This used to be equal parts terrifying and amazing. Diana eating the bird. Donovan ripping the face off the alien on-board the mothership. Julie being stalked by the lizard during her mental reprogramming, and those disgusting panels of lizard skin. And worst of all, the birth of the lizard baby. Utterly terrifying when I was young. Laugh out loud bad nowadays. It’s still amazing though.



[insert your own Transformers transforming onomatopoeia here]


Babylon 5

This got more and more epic, with the introduction of the final Shadow War keeping me hooked until the end. Even the completely insane Centauri hairstyles couldn’t put me off.


Cyber City OEDO 808

Only three episodes? Quality not quantity count here though. Cyberpunk anime set in the year 2808.



Five robot lions combine to form a giant super robot. Sold!


Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Humans piloting vehicles armed with lasers and mechanical attachments, versus plants. Plants that can grow mechanical vehicles of their own made from vines, armed with buzz saws and lasers. You what? Oh yeah, and those vines can grow in and across space. All kick-started with a prime slice of 80’s cheese.

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  1. Wait, no Doctor Who ? Oh the horror… LOL I enjoyed many of those same programs here in the United States along with Space: 1999, Space Ghost, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and The Prisoner.

  2. Hehe, I know! A travesty as a British boy, surely?
    I actually quite like the old Peter Cushing films, but I never got into the TV series. I used to watch the odd episode, but it was never something I would watch regularly. It’s still the case nowadays. In fact, I don’t watch it all now.

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