Theatre of Death is out now at Patreon

Theatre of Death is out now at Patreon

Faith. Hate. Love. Loss. Will it be enough to save him from death?

It is time. Kel is 20 years old and it is time for judgement. The Master Algorithms have the power to grant freedom but they must be sated. Sara is already free. Can Kel give the performance of his life and be reunited with her? Or will the Theatre of Death claim another token for the Chair?

Theatre of Death is a short story about a world where our freedom is dictated by the will of the machines.

“I highly recommend it as a must read.”

“A wildly imaginative foundation builds to a surprising coda.”

“Beautiful, brutal, haunting.”

“Engaging read that you won’t want or be able to put down.”

I’m extremely pleased to say that Theatre of Death is now available to read over at Patreon

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Cheers, Craig.

Craig Lea Gordon - Transmit

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