Transmit Soundtrack

Transmit Soundtrack

A soundtrack mix for a short story? What on Earth?
Well, long before I I decided that I wanted to be a sci-fi author, I used to make studio style mixes in my spare time. And way before that, I used to have huge stacks of equipment for making my own tracks. Even though I’ve given up all of that in the pursuit of writing, music is still, and always will be, a massive part of my life. So after I’d finished Transmit, I started to kick around the idea of a soundtrack to accompany it.

Here it is then, a potential tracklist, depending on your musical tastes, that attempts to give sonics to the feelings, emotions and circumstances of the story. The sections aren’t named in the book, but it helped me to conceptualise the movements for the mix.

You can play it from the embedded player above, or check out the mix and my other stuff on SoundCloud here.

Terra [Turzi – Brasilia]
Substrates [Vex’d – End of Line]
Transmit [Surgeon – Optic]
Construction/Injection [Solar Chrome – Lord of the Bits]
Step One [Lamb – She Walks]
Surface [Code Elektro – Steel Sky]
Approach [LSG – Go Fishing]
End/Beginning [Orbital – Impact]

If you haven’t read Transmit, you can download it for free by entering your details below.

Craig Lea Gordon - Transmit

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